Pursuit 365: About Shauna Magrath

Shauna Magrath cpcp, is one of only 3 SPCP Trainer Members in Canada and has shared her knowledge and ingenuity with PMU & Scalp Micro-pigmentation internationally since 2012.

Permanent Makeup Can Give Men Their Mojo Back

Some of them come to fill in their eyebrows or enhance their eyes, and others require hair simulation restoration. By Shauna Magrath CPCP, Contributor Owner and Operator of Beauty Ink® Gallery in Vancouver B.C. Oct 23, 2017, 02:21 PM EDT Beauty treatments are often associated with female clients, not men. While it’s normalized to see […]

Top 30 Personalities Disrupting The Beauty Industry In 2021

With the beauty industry rising to new highs, the faces behind its success have clearly redefined the industry in no time. More than ever the industry is seeing the experts turning into entrepreneurs, building startups and innovating space through sustainability and trends. In 2021, the industry witnessed numerous changes, some fizzled out, but others expanded […]

Shauna Magrath – FYT Ambassador

Shauna Magrath Ambassador for FYT Needle Supplies

Feb 03, 2022 Shauna Magrath – FYT Ambassador  Shauna Magrath CPCP is a Lifetime Member and Certified Trainer of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). She is one of Canada’s top cosmetic tattoo specialists, a global thought leader, keynote speaker and pioneer in the fields of permanent makeup (PMU) and scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP). An […]

Pursuit 365 Day 88: Shauna Magrath CPCP

Pursuit 365 Day 88: Shauna Magrath CPCP

Pursuit 365 2022 · March 29, 2022 – Click here to read article Shauna Magrath CPCP, is a passionate dedicated humanitarian entrepreneur & philanthropist. She created BEAUTYINK® in 2008 to help those suffering the physical effects of diseases and disorders that limit their ability to look and feel their best every day.  As a true survivor in […]