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Shauna is an internationally recognized CPCP Permanent Make Up Trainer, and one of the only SMP trainers with this affluent designation. We will provide you with the knowledge for Scalp Micro-pigmentation training you need to excel plus the continued support to help you grow.

It took years of dedication, education and research to acquire the knowledge she shares in her fundamental education.

You won’t find this education in a basic 3 day class, and all students are required to pass an exam to qualify their completion.

We cover MORE knowledge, plus share trade secrets and information you won’t find in any other class. Once a student, always a student and Shauna will support & guide you.

Permanent Make Up Training

Why Train At BEAUTYINK®?

We will provide you with the knowledge you need to excel plus the continued support to help you grow.

Shauna Magrath cpcp is the pioneer and creator behind the Manual SMP™ method and an award winning artist & international speaker in her own right. She has trained veraciously for over a decade putting her at the top of her field and making her internationally recognized & respected.

As only 1 of 3 CPCP trainers in Canada with this prestigious credential, Shauna is sought after due to her knowledge, artistry and passion for the field. She has trained all over the world in every modality of permanent make up, cosmetic tattooing, microblading, manual method, soft tap, areola restoration, paramedical and SMP.

Shauna will provide you with the knowledge you need to excel plus the continued support to help you grow, so you feel confident moving forward in your new career.


Certification of Completion Esther Kim Scalp Micropigmentation Training
Certificate of Completion For Manual SMP
SMP Essentials Certificate of Completion
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Permanent Make Up Training Vancouver:

We are accepting determined students for our one on one training and mentor-ship. 

If you are an eager, keen beginner, Shauna offers an in person 100 hour fundamental training course set out by the SPCP (Society Of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) that covers an in depth fundamental foundation that can be applied to all cosmetic tattooing that you will not receive in a 3 day class.

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Permanent Make Up Training
Student Learning Microblading

Student Testimonials

"I recently completed the BEAUTYINK® SMP Essentials™ course developed by the internationally recognized artist, Shauna Magrath CPCP. What drew me to this course is that not only does Shauna work tirelessly to elevate standards in the scalp micropigmentation industry, she is an innovator as well, with the development of her Manual SMP™ technique. After having my power go out one day during a treatment, it became all the more imperative for me to ensure I had a multitude of tools to revert to in times of need.

I have wanted to train in SMP since I became a PMU artist, but have been unable to find the right fit for me for training. This course, having been developed for home study, was a no brainer. I found this is no ordinary introduction course. In fact, Shauna has barely left a stone unturned in her coverage of the absolute necessities for anyone considering entry into the SMP industry. Her approach is very consistent with the adult learning model in that she issues a call to action, a thorough exploration of topic material and ensures a good consolidation. This keeps learners accountable but still able to set their own pace.

The pace at which the SMP industry is growing commands well prepared professionals. This course covers practically all of the theory one requires so that new technicians can focus exclusively on building skill in hands-on training, leading to far better equipped artists than when trying to squeeze in theory and practice in a 2 to 4 day class. If you want to be the best at what you do, you cannot afford to cut corners, fast forward through a program thinking that you have all the basics already and will "learn on the job". That was my biggest takeaway. If you imagine the emotional trauma that a hair loss sufferer has already experienced, one poor treatment will not only destroy your reputation, it will destroy the confidence of a client. This harms the entire industry.

There is far too much poor work being put out by ill prepared technicians and I do not want to be one of them. I was desperately ill prepared for PMU and looking back, I wish a course as thorough and comprehensive as SMP Essentials™ existed for me. Even though I thought I knew quite a lot about SMP, my eyes were opened several times in each and every module, with many previous beliefs having been corrected. That says a lot."

Katie Mohamed

SMP Essentials™ Student

"My name is Deb Dibble I took Shauna’s Manual SMP Coarse and SMP Essentials. It was thorough and exceptional.
Covering colour and SMP, as well as new hair treatments that effect SMP and or work with SMP. We did a lot of practical work on many skins and found that as a SMP artist, this technique was innovated and would bless any artist in the industry. I highly suggest other SMP artists take closer look at this fabulous technique.
Great manual and kit. Fantastic job Shauna!
Shauna is a good teacher and artist it was a pleasure to learn from her.
5 stars for sure.

Deb Dibblee

SMP Essentials™ Student

"I met shauna through the spcp (society of permanent cosmetic professionals) website.

She was one of two members in Canada certified to teach. I was lucky to have met such a well educated instructor who thoroughly trained me from detailed safety practices to clients in the real world.
It was a lot of work, theory and practical but i believe this is necessary for all Artists entering the industry.
Shauna is all business and I’m so grateful of the good habits she drilled in me. I know I can always contact her whenever I need help and she will always go above and beyond to answer my questions and help me out!

Thank you so much Shauna for being such a strict, but caring devoted instructor and never taking shortcuts. Work ethic is truly impeccable!"

Esther Kim

Lifetime Student

"What an AMAZING SMP training! I am very thankful that I recently had the opportunity to train with Shauna and advanced my skills with Manual Scalp Micro-pigmentation. Shauna is very thorough and breaks down the concept well. The game changer for me was the materials used in the training that aid in understanding better the different kinds of texture of the scalp. If you have been considering furthering your skills in scalp micro-pigmentation, I highly recommend training with Shauna. It would be money well spent."

Natalia Schweitzer

SMP Essentials™ Student

"Thank you Shauna for the fantastic online SMP training, patience, dedication and knowledge. The training was very clear on all the fundamentals of SMP and more. I found that Shauna's colour theory and pigment layering teaching to be outstanding, clarifying what needs to be done for achieving that high end professional SMP finish. The training kit arrived with lots of fantastic training tools and lots of extra goodies which was totally unexpected. I feel alot more excited and confident moving forward with my SMP career!! Thank you once again Shauna."

Alex Bates

SMP Student

"Shauna is absolutely amazing! If you're thinking of getting trained, please highly consider Shauna. She is so patient and has so much experience and knowledge. She has mentored me since the beginning and is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise. Thank you Shauna!"

Olga “Ogieperogie” K

"Shauna is an amazing instructor for SMP (scalp Micro-pigmentation). Shauna is great mentor, has a genuine interest in her students, takes the time to answer any question that you may have and gives an explanation for her answer while responding in a timely manner. Shauna is a very gifted, patient and knowledgeable instructor. I am grateful that I had the pleasure of training with her."

Christina Hunt

SMP Essentials™ Student

Learn Manual SMP™

It all comes down to you and the needle. No machine required. Shauna created Manual SMP™ out of necessity to help advanced artists around the world that suffer from wrist fatigue, and want more control in the detailing of their work.

This innovative technique is trained in a 1 on 1 environment, or VIA zoom with a full kit, support and mentor-ship for success.

Benefits of this course:

  • Cost effective
  • No wrist fatigue
  • Portable service
  • Great for detailing
  • No power required
  • Have an edge on the competition
  • Learn from the comforts of your home with zoom
  • Provide more skills so you have options for any situations


Your Key To Success In
Scalp Micro pigmentation

Potential to EARN $50K Monthly.
Build a legacy in Scalp Micro-pigmentation.
Create and work a flexible schedule for you and your clients.
Be Mentored with pioneer and sought after Shauna Magrath CPCP

Permanent Make Up Training

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