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Creating Confidence Through Permanent MakeUp

At BEAUTYINK® we offer certified, safe & specialized custom permanent makeup for men & women of all ethnicities.

Our passion is to help enrich and empower the lives of our clients, giving back confidence and beauty. Elevating the cosmetic tattoo industry, and supporting our students to grow a successful career is our legacy and mission.

Shauna created BEAUTYINK® in 2008 with the vision of enhancing the lives of those she touches daily. As a neurodivergent artist with an acute eye for detail & colour, she now fulfills her purpose with unique abilities few possess. We have created a private, safe haven with a unique experience for you to let go and embrace the best YOU!

World Class


Shauna Magrath, CPCP

Since founding BEAUTYINK®, an award-winning permanent makeup studio in Vancouver, BC in 2008, Shauna Magrath CPCP has completed over 8,000 & counting procedures for all genders & walks of life.

Shauna Magrath is currently the highest trained practitioner in Permanent Make Up in Canada and 1 of only 4 CPCP certified artist in the country. She holds over 80 certificates in all modalities of cosmetic tattooing including microblading, paramedical reconstruction, Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) and Permanent Make Up (PMU).

“Thank you for taking the time to do your research. This will save you much grief when you choose your practitioner. As you can see I am a life time learner and a junkie for new knowledge. I annually update my training, so I can bring the best advancements in safety protocols, techniques, products and equipment to you. If there is something new, I will do my best to learn, expand and grow to give my clients the very best at BEAUTYINK®!

Always Safety First! If a technician you think you want to work with does not have current Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) certification – RUN! Your safety should come above all else when choosing the technician who is right for you.”


Shauna Magrath, CPCP


  • 2022 Science Behind The Ink – Pigment Theory
  • 2022 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control training.
  • 2022 Flesh Tone Colour Theory Master Class.
  • 2020 Vicky Martin 3D areola class.
  • 2020 Botched Ink saline tattoo removal class.
  • 2020 WHO covid-19 infection and saftey protocols.
  • 2020 Jody Stoski’s areola, stretch marks, paramedical and scar camouflage classes.
  • 2020 Scalp USA advanced SMP class.
  • 2020 Shay Danielle Academy fluffy brows class.
  • 2020 Milady Safety protocol & infection control class.
  • 2019 Attended the London Meeting of the Minds SMP scalp conference.
  • 2019 Key Note Presenter at the spring SPCP International Conference in Las Vegas.
  • 2019 Nominated “Best North American Technician” at the London Meeting of the Minds conference.
  • 2019 – 1997 Member of I.A.T.S.E 891 Film Union Make-up Department in Vancouver
  • 2018 Finalist in the “British Columbia Hair & Beauty Awards”
  • 2018 International keynote speaker on SPR ( Scalp Pigment Restoration) at the fall WORLD FAMOUS Tattoo show in Charlotte NC.
  • 2018 Winner of the “One Women – Fearless Women Summit” Healing and Advocating for Others AWARD.
  • 2018 Contributing expert for several Buzzfeed Magazine articles including – Microblading Gone Wrong, Permanent Make Up Can Give Men Their Mojo Back, Self-Care Tips for Wellness Professionals.
  • 2018 -2017 Contributing expert with Huffington Post daily wellness blog
  • 2017 Received CPCP Certified Training Status – only one of two in Canada from the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals)
  • 2017 – 2016 Head Instructor for cosmetic tattooing and class developer at Future Hair Training Centre in Vancouver
  • 2017 – 2009 BeautySAFE certificate from the BC Beauty Council
  • 2017 Attended the spring SPCP conference in Orlando Florida
  • 2017 Attended Daria Churpy’s Golden Reunion Advances class in LA
  • 2016 Stardust Technique Training for Lips, Brows and Liner with Master Kristina Melnicenco in Seattle
  • 2016 Scalp Training with Master Adi Schendel in Belgrade
  • 2016 Perfection Training with Phi Brow Academy in Belgrade
  • 2016 Certificate of completion for Phi brow technique and guest of Branko Babic creator of Phi Brow Academy & Conference in Belgrade
  • 2016 Updated Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure training OSHA certified
  • 2016 SPCP Spring Conference Attendee learning the most advanced info in the industry today from the world industry leaders.
  • 2016 Winner of Canada’s Top Choice Award for “Best Permanent Make up Clinic in Vancouver”
  • 2016 Advanced Certification with the Society Of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals receiving CPCP designation, the highest certification within the industry
  • 2016 Guest speaker for Scalp Stippling – Industry Leader for Tech’s Helping Techs training conference
  • 2016 Advanced Training in LA with Will Anthony Smudge Liner Master
  • 2015 Updated Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure training
  • 2015 SPCP Spring Conference Attendee learning to most advanced info in the industry today
  • 2016 – 2012 Member and Council of the American Academy of Micro Pigmentation
  • 2016 – 2008 Member of Society of Permanent Make-up Cosmetic Professionals
  • 2016 – 2008 Member of the Royal Canadian Legion
  • 2014 Conference Guest Speaker IMASTS Vancouver Open Forum
  • 2014 Advance training in Florida with Mary Richardson Master Brow trainer CPCP
  • 2014 AAM Conference Guest Speaker on Scalp Stippling and advance training in Areola, Brows and Liners
  • 2014 Advance training in Florida with Tina Davies “Master Creator of the Feather Touch Brows®”
  • 2014 Advanced master training in LA with 3 top world masters
  • 2013 Key Note Speaker for Natural Look Conference plus advanced education – California
  • 2012 Keynote speaker for Kolorsourse permanent make up conference with the American Association of Micro-pigmentation.
  • 2014-2012 Advance certification in blood borne pathogen- California.
  • 2012 BC Beauty Council BeautySAFE certification + adviser.
  • 2011 Health Educators Blood borne pathogen certification – San Diego.
  • 2011 SPCP Advanced training 22 hours continued education – San Diego
  • 2011 – 2008 Member of the Forum For Women Entrepreneurs.
  • 2009 – 2008 Make-up instructor for the internationally renowned Vancouver Film School
  • 2010 & 2013 Finalist in the SE Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 2010 – 2009 Member of the Vancouver Board of Trade
  • 2008 Received Emmy honor’s for her contribution to outstanding make-up on the mini series Tin Man
  • 2008 Certified in permanent cosmetics by the Canadian Micro-Pigmentation Center in Toronto
  • 2008 Completed the Self-Employment program at Douglas College.

Our Services


  • SMP (Scalp Micro-Pigmentation)
  • Paramedical Scar Camouflage
  • GentleTouch™EyEliner
  • 3D Areola Restoration
  • Tattoo Removal

Luxury Permanent Make Up:

  • Any Style Brows (Microblading/Shading etc)
  • Natural Top & Bottom Liner
  • Wedged & Winged Liner
  • Gentle Touch Liner™
  • Brow Correction

We assist those with:

  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Alopecia
  • Diabetes 
  • Accidents
  • Cerebral palsy 
  • Trichotillomania
  • Tourette Syndrome (TS)
  • Thyroid disorder
  • MS and Parkinson’s

Yes, we are wheelchair assessible!

BEAUTYINK® Permanent Make up



"I was so impressed with Shauna’s professionalism and experience. This was only my first session, and I’m so happy with the results so far. It is so evident that she loves her job and genuinely wants to help people. I highly recommend BEAUTYINK®."

Nevenka Stankovic

"Are you afraid of getting permanent makeup? LOOK NO FURTHER. This is where you need to go. Shauna is so absolutely skilled, thorough and amazing.

I hated doing my eyeliner everyday and filling in my brows, now I have the perfect look, permanently. I have super soft, oily skin and Shauna was still able to work her magic on them.

So impressed. I will see Shauna for the rest of my life, such an amazing artist. Don’t believe me? Check out the BEAUTYINK® instagram."

Shauna Courtorielle

"Shauna tattooed a meaningful design on my chest just before my birthday. It was a wonderful experience, I wasn't in pain, and the colour turned out lovely!

The place is clean and pleasant. She follows all protocols for Covid and hygiene. Simply amazing. Recommend!"

Mille Montenegro

"Best beauty dollars ever spent! Shawna is meticulous and professional, and takes time and care to check in with you at each stage before doing anything so there are no surprises. She takes her work seriously, which shows in the results."

Gail Banning

"I couldn't be happier with my new brows! Shauna is an artist, and it shows in her approach and attention to detail. I'm so glad I followed her before-and after-care instructions to a tee--they might seem a bit complicated, but she knows what she is doing and it will make all the difference in the long run. I have ZERO brow hairs of my own, so I needed some serious help! She really helped me create the look I wanted, and now I'm saving ten to 15 minutes every morning--not to mention how much more relaxed I feel when swimming, working out, etc. Shauna's given me my freedom!"

Jenn Farrell

"I had amazing experiences with Shauna at BEAUTYINK®! She is very talented, professional and knowledgeable! Her studio is clean, beautiful and comforting. I have been going to her for couple years to get my eyebrows touched up after being faded.

She’s a perfectionist! The only person I can trust to get my eyebrows permanently done!!"

Bernadette Santoes

"Right from the initial call I made Shauna at BEAUTYINK® made me feel like I was in the hands of an expert. The service was conducted with utmost professionalism and with great care in health safety protocols. Shawna brings her expertise in beauty makeup and special effects makeup to the art of permanent makeup with brilliance! A true master and pioneer of this art she can transform with such positive impact!

I am in awe and appreciation of her divine talent and I love my brows!"💕

Katalin Lippay

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