Tattoo Removal


Not all pigment can be removed with laser, but it can be removed with BOTCHED INK®.
  • Are you looking to have your microbladed or permanent makeup eyebrows corrected or removed?
  • Are your eyebrows saturated with pigment that needs lifting before we can give you amazing new brows?
  • Has your eyebrow tattoo pigment changed to a different colour from when you first had the work done, and now you don’t like the look?
  • Do you simply regret a particular tattoo and want to start anew?
  • Emergency! If a freshly microbladed or tattooed brow that turns out completely wrong, we are here to the rescue!

What is Saline Removal?

Let us share the tattoo removal process...

Effective on all pigment colours.

The original method of saline tattoo removal is exactly that, salt and water, the solution you might also use as an eyewash.  Any kind of tattoo removal or lightening is a process. Although we’ve seen some great results after just one session, most clients will see improvements after 2-6 sessions.

For each layer of pigment that was healed into the skin, it will take up to 3 sessions for removal. If you’ve had multiple sessions of colour, then multiple sessions of removal will be required. During your consultation, we will assess how easily the pigment can be removed from your skin. Whilst we can’t give you an exact number of sessions to fully remove unwanted pigment, you’ll be able to understand the removal process and know what’s required. We find this so helps our clients. We offer the most advanced treatments in saline removal with Botched Ink®.

Effective in removing all unwanted colour, this system will lighten in 1 session but, if the skin is heavily saturated, it may take up to 6-8 sessions for full removal if the skin is heavily saturated. Botched Ink® works great for old saturated brows, discolored brows or SMP and can be used for emergency removals as well.

The beautiful thing about this system is there are NO THICK CHUNKY SCABS like other treatments. You can go about life normally with minimal downtime, and flaking is minimal as you heal. Notably, unlike other saline products, you can still shower. Your brows won’t look blotchy the next day.

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When to correct and when to remove
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Client Testimonials

"Twenty years ago I had permanent black eyeliner done (not by Shauna) and it had faded into a bluish grey colour and the thick shape no longer suited me. Shauna modified the colour of the original liner to appear more coppery and re-defined my lash line with a dark brown colour. She also did my eyebrows (combination powder/microblading) as they were thinning with age. I am very pleased with the natural-looking result of my new brows and liner and am thrilled to be able to skip my old daily eye make-up routine. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about revising my old permanent make-up look as I am almost 70 years old, but Shauna did a fabulous job. She is a precise technician with a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for her craft. She’s worth five gold stars in my book!"

Leslie Bream

"I always wanted a nice and Slick eyeliner done, since it saves a lot of time and effort. So, looked up on the internet and sure thing, BEAUTYINK has the best review. Consequently, I booked an appointment with BEAUTYINK. On my first appointment I realized, Shauna is an excellent person and artist.
She created the eyeliner exactly how I wanted. She made my daily life much more easier.
Shauna cares for her service quality and the clients. She goes out of her way to make everything perfect. I would strongly recommend BEAUTYINK to everyone who is interested in permanent makeup.

Sadia Islam

"I just had my eyebrows done by Shauna. Because of menopause they were pretty much non-existent. The entire experience was absolutely lovely! I especially appreciated their covid protocols - which was very important to me. The space is lovely and peaceful. Shauna explained everything that was going to happen in detail and because of the process of constantly numbing my brow area, I barely felt a thing. I actually dozed off a bit during the procedure. She is a lovely lady and a consummate artist who takes great care and pride in her work. I'm now one week into healing - and by week six I'll know what the final look will be. Right now, it's just really cool to have eyebrows again with each individual hair looking amazing. It's an exciting adventure and I'm loving it! I highly recommend this amazing, talented woman for whatever permanent makeup needs you may have. Thank you Shauna!! "

Ahsta Blu

"Shauna has been super helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. She really cares about her clients and puts a lot of effort into ensuring people leave her feeling good."

Vienna Kerfoot

"I was welcomed by Shauna and Lisa at Beautyink’s easy-to-find location (and parking!) in Vancouver, B.C. and put at ease through the initial screening and sanitizing process. Next was the very thorough and interactive steps of determining a suitable shape, thickness and length of eyebrows, taking into account my overall facial features and face shape, eye shape, distance between the eyes and any noticeable differences of eye sizes, shapes and structure of brow bones. I never once felt rushed at this critical stage, but rather guided and supported. This gave me immense confidence about the outcome as I had already done my due diligence about Shauna’s extensive experience and technical qualifications prior to booking. Thank you so much, Shauna!"

Laura Lintenun

"Shauna is super professional: COVID procedures upon entering salon, sterile procedures during cosmetic procedures, perfectionist in determining eyebrow colour and shape and thorough pre & post care instructions.
I've been with Shauna since 2009 and her services just gets better.

Violet Sexsmith

"I saw Shauna a number of years ago for brow microblading and semi-permanent eyeliner. At the time, I was nervous so asked for a very subtle look. This time, I wanted my brows a little more defined and liner a little more bold. I told Shauna what I wanted and was so happy with her work. Being blonde, I feel naked without any makeup. But can now go out without it. Shauna ensures that you are very comfortable during the procedure and I almost fell asleep when she was doing the eyeliner manually. The salon is very clean and spa like and they go above and beyond to ensure you and everything else is sanitized. I would recommend Shauna and Beautyink to anyone looking for cosmetic tattooing. I love my brows and eyeliner!"

Lori Sickavish

"I developed Alopecia a little over a year ago. Lost virtually all my hair and my eyebrows. Looked a bit freakish. Shauna masterfully recreated eyebrows for me. Her style and technique gave me realistic looking men's eyebrows, even a little unevenness that I had before. Results were nothing short of FANTASTIC. I have and will continue to recommend her services to anyone I talk with. Thanks Shauna, this has been life changing during a challenging time in my life."


Glen Marshall

                                                Benefits of Saline Removal

Saline removal, also known as saline tattoo removal or saline tattoo lightening, is a method used to fade or remove unwanted tattoos. Instead of using lasers or other invasive techniques, this process involves the introduction of a saline solution into the skin to help lift and fade the tattoo pigment. While saline removal may not completely eliminate a tattoo, it can have several benefits:

  1. Non-invasive: Unlike laser tattoo removal, which involves the use of high-intensity laser beams, saline removal is a non-invasive procedure. It doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the skin and doesn’t cause the same level of discomfort or potential scarring.

  2. Low risk of side effects: Saline removal carries a lower risk of side effects compared to other tattoo removal methods. Since it doesn’t involve lasers or chemicals, the chances of complications such as skin discoloration, scarring, or infection are reduced.

  3. Suitable for various tattoo colors: Saline removal is effective for various tattoo colors, including dark and stubborn pigments like black, blue, and green. It can also be used to lighten or remove permanent makeup or microblading.

  4. Gradual fading: Saline removal works by breaking down the tattoo pigments, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to gradually remove them. This gradual fading can be beneficial if you prefer a more subtle transition or want to lighten a tattoo for a cover-up.

  5. Compatibility with all skin types: Saline removal is generally suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or darker skin tones, where laser removal may carry a higher risk of complications.

  6. Lower cost: In general, saline tattoo removal tends to be less expensive than laser removal. The procedure is simpler, requiring fewer sessions, which can make it a more affordable option for those on a budget.

  7. Flexibility for modification or cover-up: If you want to modify or cover up an existing tattoo, saline removal can help lighten the tattoo and make it easier for a tattoo artist to work with the area. The faded tattoo provides a more neutral base for new designs or modifications.

It’s important to note that saline removal may not completely eliminate a tattoo, particularly if it’s large or heavily pigmented. Additionally, results can vary depending on factors such as the tattoo’s age, depth, and ink quality. Consulting with a professional tattoo removal specialist can help determine if saline removal is the right option for you and provide personalized advice based on your specific situation.

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