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Feeling incomplete can be emotional and traumatizing. The recovery process for breast cancer survivors is often long and difficult, and one in which each individual faces his or her own unique set of challenges.  As a Vancouver-based cosmetic tattoo artist who specializes in 3D areola (nipple tattoos) restoration as well as other forms of paramedical tattoos, Shauna is able to fully assist her clients to the successful completion of their nipple restoration journey.

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What is 3D Areola Tattooing?

How to know if you are a candidate

All of our work is customized to the client’s preference.

Every person’s journey is different and unique when it comes to 3D Areola Tattooing.  We fully understand wanting to feel complete and desirable when you look in that mirror again. Shauna has seen first hand the effects of this horrible disease as her mother is a two time survivor, and this is why she is so passionate about giving back. Once the nipple/areola is removed in a mastectomy, it cannot be reattached. When the nipple is reconstructed it is often misshapen, lighter than it was previously, and has scarring that changes the appearance.

Whether from a surgery such as a lumpectomy, a cosmetic procedure or ultimately the loss of one or both breasts due to a mastectomy, we can produce a hyper-realistic, three-dimensional areola using tattooing to restore all or parts of what was lost and do so matching your breast from side to side.

As a Vancouver-based cosmetic tattoo artist who specializes in 3D areola restoration as well as other forms of paramedical tattoos, Shauna is able to assist clients in the completion of their journey in nipple and areola restoration.  Our complete care has successfully treated and continues to support all of our survivors in their breast cancer recovery.

So, what is a 3D Areola Tattoo?

If you don’t have a nipple mound, 3D areola tattooing can achieve the look of an elevated nipple.  A HIGH quality detailed tattoo can look as if it has dimension and depth, similar to a real nipple.

At BEAUTYINK® we create art that looks authentic to a real nipple through pigments, colour mixing, shadow, shading and years of experience.

If you have images of your previous nipple, we ask that you bring them in for referencing, so we might do our very best in re-creating your areola. We want to ensure our work makes you feel confident, sexy and complete again. We encourage your involvement in the creation of your new look, and are here to help design and put the pieces back together again.

How soon can you get your areola tattooed?

Generally most are fully healed after 1 year from their last surgery or until the scars are no longer red/ purple and more of a white tone. We require a note of good health from your doctor before proceeding with any service. Shauna requires a complimentary consultation, so she can assess the health of your skin.

How long does the procedure take?

First, we schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation to assess the area, answer all of your questions, and discuss all options before booking you in for the full procedure.

If you are a candidate, and have a note of good health from your Oncologist, we will schedule a 3 hour appointment for a full 3D Areola Tattoo. Shauna always takes time to make her clients feel comfortable, and she ensures they are kept fully informed throughout the process.

Your first session is to lay the ground work, and the 2nd and 3rd sessions, if required, are for detailing.

Will there be a follow up appointment?

YES, we will book you in for a check up 6 weeks after the original procedure. After assessing the healed work, we will book you in for any additional visits at that time. You will usually require at least 2-3 sessions to complete the desired work.

How long from start to finish to complete the work?

This will vary for each individual. The body’s immune response and healing time will dictate the length of the process. We must let the skin completely heal and regenerate before we work on it again. The skin structure takes a minimum of 6 weeks to fully heal, so the longer we can wait between tattoo services, the better the outcome. Please be prepared. This takes time and will generally be completed in approximately one year from your start date.


Paramedical, Areola, and Microneedling Certification 2012
Vicky Martin 3D Areola Training Certification
3D Areola Training Certification with Jody Stoski
A.R.T Heart Artist for 3D Areola Tattoo Certification

Client Testimonials

"BEAUTYINK® was a fantastic experience! Shauna was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and well versed in her field of expertise as an artist with whom I’d highly recommend to anyone! She was amazing! 5 stars all the way!!!!"


"After a lot of online sleuthing I settled on having Shauna do my eyebrows. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. My brows look great and I’ve had zero regrets about having them microbladed. Shauna is meticulous in the care both during the procedure and explaining after care. If you are thinking about having your brows done, Shauna is definitely the person to see."

Ruth Tunney

"Shauna is the best, the safest, and the kindest individual. I am a nurse and I would not go to anyone else because of infection control protocols that Shauna has down to the minutia! She had safety protocols in place even well before the pandemic came to be.

She gives you full attention and her drive for perfection means you will never be disappointed with the results.

Despite her sacrifices to maintain her business, which she loves, she offered a $50 COVID-19 discount for giving her business. This is just who she is as a professional and as a giving person. She gives you the same attention and care even during this pandemic times, hard times for small business owners like her.

She is a rare gem, and we are so fortunate to have her tend o our beauty needs. No doubt your film industry experience, your personal interest, and genuine interest in people and beauty makes you the perfect beauty artist! Thank you for today."

Prinjaule Klang

"My research and recommendations from others are the reasons I selected Shauna to do my brows and eyeliner. I have complete confidence in her work and her ethics give me great comfort. I'm thrilled that she made this 79 year old look ten years younger. I love not having to put on eyebrows and liner. Thanks Shauna"


"Beautifully decorated, comfortable, clean & sterile, relaxing environment I feel so safe in the creative hands of a professional like Shauna. I have the pleasure of being her client for many years and would not let any other technician touch my eyes. I trust her and feel confident the results will always be perfect for me and have always loved how she makes my eyes pop. I look happier and healthier because of the fabulous liner and brows she has given me and refreshed over the years. I finally feel comfortable & confident going out in public without makeup, thank you Shauna for the freedom you have given me."


"Shauna has taken what others may consider just a job and made it into a beautiful art form. She truly is dedicated to going above and beyond for her clients. I could not be more grateful to her, for her expertise and perfection in all she does!

Thank you Shauna!!!
100% suggest everyone looking to have their brows done give Shauna a call (she is amazing)!"

Carmella Noso

"Shauna is the 2nd person to work on my brows and her professionalism and fastidiousness placed her leaps and bounds ahead of the first. I was amazed at the details from that first look in the mirror. I couldn't help but smile at myself. She if very precise and clear about 'before and after' care, even following up with phone calls to make sure all is well. Her space is spotlessly clean and its possible she may even be a germ-a-phobic, which is what you WANT in someone cutting into your skin! Highly recommend!"

Julie Cree

"In 2012, I got a breast reduction. What I learned after surgery was that my doctor was more concerned about reducing the weight rather than the appearance of reconstructed breasts. Although I am grateful to be rid of the excessive weight, the appearance has bothered me for years. I also had a medical emergency a few years later that resulted in a traumatic surgical experience and a long hospital stay so getting plastic surgery was not an option.

Shauna, Owner of BEAUTYINK® put on a contest that invited women to tell her their medical story and why they wanted to have tattoo breast reconstruction. I never heard about it before so was excited to write about my experience including my feelings.

Shauna called me and soon after, I went to her beautiful clinic to meet her. She put me at ease right away with her caring and compassionate attitude. I spoke about all my scars and how they made me feel. Shauna really listened to me. I really needed that.

She fully explained to me what to expect from the cosmetic procedure. I appreciated her detailed description because knowing what to expect lessened any anxiety. I loved that the procedure wasn't intrusive and that the recovery was relatively simple.

On the day of my appointment, I was surprised at how relaxed I was. During the procedure, I even fell asleep in the chair. Shauna was wonderful at checking in on my comfort level.There was no pain. I was shocked because I don't have a tattoo so was expecting some discomfort.

In the weeks that followed, Shauna was diligent with checking up on me. She wanted to make sure my healing was going well. I appreciated the level of care she provided to make sure I was okay every step of the way. The end result was a more confident me without the sloppy mess left behind by my surgeon.

Shauna truly is a dedicated and passionate professional who is extremely skilled both technically and artistically.She has a huge heart and only wants her clients to experience amazing results. She really cares and I so appreciate her. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to her for any other cosmetic treatment because I know her level of customer service is outstanding."


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3D Areola Restoration Tattoo’s

                                                Benefits of Areola Tattooing


Areola tattooing, also known as nipple or nipple-areola complex (NAC) tattooing, is a cosmetic procedure that involves the permanent pigmentation of the areola area of the breast. This procedure is commonly performed as a final step in breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomy or breast augmentation. Here are some of the benefits of areola tattooing:

  1. Restoration of natural appearance: Areola tattooing can help restore a more natural appearance to the breast after surgery. It recreates the color, size, and shape of the areola, making the reconstructed breast look more realistic.

  2. Psychological and emotional benefits: For individuals who have undergone mastectomy or breast reconstruction, areola tattooing can have significant psychological and emotional benefits. It can help improve body image, self-confidence, and overall well-being by providing a sense of completion and femininity.

  3. Customization: Areola tattooing allows for customization to match the patient’s natural skin tone, nipple size, and areola shape. Skilled tattoo artists can create a natural-looking areola that blends seamlessly with the surrounding breast tissue.

  4. Symmetry and balance: Areola tattooing can address issues of symmetry and balance between the breasts. It can help correct any discrepancies in size, shape, or color, ensuring that both breasts appear more similar.

  5. Non-invasive and relatively quick procedure: Areola tattooing is a non-invasive procedure that can be performed in a relatively short amount of time, usually in a single session. It is generally well-tolerated by patients and requires little to no downtime.

  6. Long-lasting results: Areola tattoos are typically permanent, providing long-lasting results. However, over time, the pigmentation may fade slightly, requiring touch-up sessions to maintain the desired appearance.

It’s important to note that the benefits of areola tattooing can vary depending on individual circumstances and preferences. If you’re considering areola tattooing, it’s best to consult with a qualified and experienced tattoo artist or a medical professional specializing in breast reconstruction to discuss your specific needs and expectations.

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