How Permanent Cosmetic Procedures Benefit People in Recovery

BEAUTYINK® Rebuilds Confidence

In my previous career, I spent almost two decades creating movie magic with special effects makeup for the Film & TV industry, not knowing my unique skill set would eventually help so many. After my grandfather passed away in my arms, I received a lifechanging vision that was so detailed, I was compelled to forged a new path in life after receiving Emmy Honours for the miniseries Tin Man. So, I travelled to Toronto and completed my first fundamental training in cosmetic tattooing with the goal of helping those in need.

Shortly after opening my doors at BEAUTYINK®, I met a visually-impaired woman who wanted a fresh, new look she couldn’t achieve herself. Her daughter was thrilled with the results and I knew that my new found skills would be better suited helping those who struggle. Since 2008, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with thousands of clients from all walks of life, who suffer from diseases or disorders such as Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid, Alopecia, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, MS and many others. I’ve even assisted a client as young as 16 (with parental consent) who had scarring in her eyebrows, up to a senior woman 93, wanting to look her best before she passed away. Many clients use cosmetic tattooing just to look younger. It’s the fastest face-lift and best beauty boost secret in town LOL. Even after the first session clients experience a visible transformation, resulting in an instant self-esteem / confidence boosted. But for those who are struggling with disorders like Alopecia, Thyroid or even Menopause issues, its deeply emotional. They can suffer from the quick onset of hair loss, resulting in a lacked of defining features. Applying BEAUTYINK® will create the illusion of thicker fuller hair, eyeliner and eyebrows, making them feel normal again. Those I’ve treated with hair loss, look years younger and feel vibrant in just a matter of hours.

Clients who have experienced accidents, cancer or surgical scarring, suffer in silence as well. They never go in to a sugary elective or otherwise, thinking they will be left with visible scarring, but sadly it is all too common. With paramedical scar camouflage tattooing, we are now able to colour match the white visible scaring and blend it into the healthy skin. With gnarly textured scars, we have new advancements in medical micro-needling using stem cells to help rebuild, soften and flatten the damaged skin. These are both advanced techniques that require extensive training, so please choose wisely. Cosmetic tattooing is an unregulated industry in Canada, so anyone can perform these services without the qualifying education. It comes down to buyer beware!

Immediately after any cosmetic tattooing procedure, clients should stay out of the sun, avoid  sweaty exercise, water / steam, other beauty treatments, and travel for two weeks until the area is fully healed. Elements such as water, sweat, steam & sun, will jeopardize the healing process and may result in a negative outcome such as colour loss, hyperpigmentation or scaring. Clients should wait a minimum of six weeks after cosmetic tattooing, before any follow-up colour retouching occurs. For older clients or those with more severe medical conditions, I suggest 8-10 weeks for the skin tissue to fully heal and rebuild between treatments. It’s very normal for those with compromised systems to take longer to heal, due to their underlaying health concerns. 

Helping clients in the community rebuild their lives is my passion. Receiving feedback within one treatment, that their BEAUTYINK® has helped alleviated their deep-rooted emotional pain, is beyond rewarding. The healing results they receive make such an empowering impact in their lives and the lives of their families. Many clients have shared when they look in the mirror after their completed session, they no longer see the pain they have gone through – just their beauty – and feeling complete and whole in their skin again.


Shauna Magrath, CPCP

Since founding BEAUTYINK®, an award-winning permanent makeup studio in Vancouver, BC in 2008, Shauna Magrath CPCP has completed over 8,000 & counting procedures for all genders & walks of life. Shauna Magrath is currently the highest trained practitioner in Permanent Make Up in Canada and 1 of only 4 CPCP certified artist in the country. She holds over 80 certificates in all modalities of cosmetic tattooing including microblading, paramedical reconstruction, Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) and Permanent Make Up (PMU).

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