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Permanent Eyeliner


No more smudging, smearing or flaking!
  • Our permanent eyeliner lasts 3-6 years.
  • We use only the best premium anesthetics.
  • Shauna is the Pioneer of Gentle Touch Liner™, creating a relaxing and gentle experience.
  • Reclaim your beauty. If you struggle with dexterity, vision loss, or want the simplicity of not applying makeup every day, our eyeliner is for you!
  • We offer a customized result using the latest techniques.

BEAUTYINK® is Vancouver’s exclusive permanent makeup gallery providing men & women with natural and gentle eyeliner. We also offer wedged and winged liners for those seeking a beauty boost.


So whats the difference?

It’s very simple, both are tattooing techniques. One by hand, and one with a machine.

Manual Eyeliner (Gentle Touch Liner™) is a gentle technique created by Shauna for her most sensitive clientele. This technique is more time consuming, however it is more relaxing and comfortable for the client.

Shauna is able to create a lasting look that is customizable depending on your deepest desire.

Contrary to what many believe, permanent makeup pigments are largely non-irritating, with reactions being exceedingly rare. They are derived from natural ingredients, are vegan (mineral based), and generally contain only four ingredients, most of which are flushed away as the tattoo eyeliner treatment heals, leaving behind the simple colour and shape you’ve asked for.

Many factors must be considered, not the least of which is the longevity of your treatment, which I always aim for to protect your trust and investment. Two eyeliner tattoo treatments may be required, and colour boosts annually are always recommended.

While the sound of having permanent eyeliner may sound a bit frightening to some, it is actually a treatment that can be conducted rather comfortably, with no danger to your skin or your eyes, and with optimal, tattoo eyeliner results lasting many years providing you seek out and experienced, well trained artist.

From thin to thick, classic or dramatic, you can trust BEAUTYINK®️ in Vancouver to execute your permanent eyeliner tattoo safe & impeccably. For those with disorders such a Cancer or Alopecia, this procedure can be very uplifting and life changing giving back the illusion of a natural lash line.


Gentle Touch Liner™

Top & Bottom Liner

Winged Eye

Smokey Eye

Top & Bottom Liner Signature Package

$ 900
  • Savings of $200 when you book this package with option to upgrade to a bolder look.
Permanent Eyeliner Pricing

Add your 6 month touch up to a NEW LINER and save $100.

  • Gentle Touch Liner™ $700+

    Our signature technique can be utilized for any natural or dramatic look, depending on your preference. This technique was developed by Shauna for her sensitive clients, or those with tremors or ticks. No machine is used so there is less stress through the procedure.

  • Natural Top Lash Line $600

    This style is best for those wanting a natural looking fuller lash line to give more definition and beauty to frame the eyes.

  • Natural Bottom Lash Line $500

    This style is best for those wanting a natural looking fuller bottom lash line to give more definition and beauty to frame the eyes.

  • Wedged Thin Liner $700

    This style is great for those wanting more of a make up look that will help lift, and define the eyes.

  • Wedge Thick Liner $800

    This style is for those wanting the impact of a dramatic look. This thicker wedge gives a full make up look without the hassle.

  • Winged Liner $900

    This style is great for those with youthful skin wanting a more defined cat eye liquid liner look.

  • Smokey Liner With Colour $900

    We combine two techniques to create a powder look on the top, with strong definition on the lash line. This can be created using neutral tones and colour tones.


  • Touch Up Withing 1-6 Months $300

    A touch up is a spot retouch on particular area's or to fully darken the original work.

  • Refresh Within 1-2 Years $400

    A refresh is an overall update to the original BEAUTYINK® colour.

  • Refresh Between 2-5 Years $500

    A refresh is an overall update to the original BEAUTYINK® colour.

  • 5 Years & Up Full Price

    A refresh is an overall update to the original BEAUTYINK® colour.

Client Testimonials

"Shauna is a master at her craft. I have known her for almost 30 years and whether for makeup, tattooing or any other service, she is a PROFESSIONAL.

I adore her charm and she made the whole experience easy, comfortable and pain free! what a gift! I am so grateful for my new look!"

Annie McCullough

"Look no further for the most professional, quality work around! Shauna is an absolute artist with the finest attention to detail. She takes great care to make sure you get the perfect look for you.

Being a very light natural blonde, my eyebrows could not be trusted to anyone but her! Plus her cleanliness guidelines are out of this world. Her very detailed website including full aftercare notes and expectations were what initially led me to have a consultation with her and then proceed.

I could not be happier with the results, perfectly natural brows, and beautiful liner, absolutely makes my life easier!

Thank you so much Shauna, I will be back and will recommend your services without hesitation!"

Nickie Schlamp

"I would give 10 stars to Shauna if I could! Shauna has been fixing and upgrading my eyeliners for 6 years and I am not going anywhere! I had some unpleasant eye lining works done before and Shauna’s service was over the top of my expectation.

Not to mention the best part of when I saw my newly done eyeliners in the mirror every time, they were gorgeous, beautiful! Shauna is very typical, professional and detail. She wants her works to be perfect and I couldn’t thank her enough for being so strict on insisting me to follow all the pre and pro procedures.

The process was always smooth and painless, the environment was very clean and nicely set up. Shauna is an great artist that I have to admit. She always walked through things to make sure she understood what I wanted and then gave me more than what I asked for! The colour, the curve, the design all match with my eyes my face in harmony and my look is stunning. When I got up in the morning and my partner said “you are beautiful”. I know my eyeliner is worth million dollars to me.

The best gift anyone could ever give to a woman is beauty. Shauna is women’s fairy god mother who gives the gift better than Cinderella’s dress. Why not making ourselves prettier when someone really how to!"

Lai Wan Chong

Shauna is AWESOME!! She is so professional and caring. I did my eyelines last November and just finished my touch up last Saturday. She is so detailed, taking pictures and videos for record. During my first time, it was so comfortable and NOT PAINFUL at all I was so surprised!!!

Shauna is very patience, as I wanted a longer line but she designed another one with wedge at the end to fit my eye shape. It turned out amazingly!

When I went back for touch up last week, it was little discomfort than the first time. Shauna was so worried and kept asking me questions to find out the reason. At last we overcame it. These few days is the healing period and I feel great!

I can tell, you can find nobody in Greater Vancouver better than Shauna!"

Christine Chong

"Shauna has done an amazing job creating a top and bottom liner on my eyes and I am so pleased and happy with the final results!

It has changed my life as I have always had difficulties doing a top liner and whenever I applied a bottom liner it would disappear after a few hours as I tend to get watery eyes from allergies.

After the beautiful work Shauna did on my eyes, I can get up in the mornings now and my eyes look great and it stays that way!

I'm so grateful to have her do my permanent makeup as she is truly amazing....the work she does for her clients and her big heart to help those that are going through the struggles and survival of cancer.

What I admire most about her is her honesty and integrity. She's truly in the business to help others look and feel their best.

Thank you Shauna! ♥"

Anita Wu

"Thank you Shauna! In addition to being very professional and good at what you do, you are also a kind and caring person.

The work you did on my eyebrows and eyelids has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. The way you shaped my brows and eyeliner also gives me an outline to follow when I do my makeup; the result is that my makeup always looks good and I have had numerous compliments.

I can't thank you enough!"

Rhonda Comeau

"I love my tattooed eyeliner!! I was hesitant at first as I have a very pale complexion and was afraid of light lashes over dark eyeliner. My fears were put to rest when my friend showed me her eyeliner and brows done by Shauna, and it convinced me!

I went with a package to try it out step by step and essentially make a natural "thickening of the lash line." Most people don't know what's different, but I don't get asked if I'm "tired" or "sick" anymore when I'm not wearing makeup.

I recommend it to anyone of any colouring, Shauna is professional and dedicated. Eyebrows next!"

Candice Falcon

"The price may seem "high" but it's excellent value for the quality of care and workmanship you receive. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort throughout the entire procedure. Shauna is super experienced and knowledgeable and most importantly she doesn't give you any b.s. along the way.

I really love her style and genuine personality. She tells it how it is and you can tell deep down she has the biggest heart and she does this for all the right reasons."

Cindy Park

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