Paramedical Scar Camouflage Tattooing

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Paramedical Scar Camouflage Tattooing
Paramedical scar camouflage tattooing is a delicate, careful procedure involving precision in placement & colour.

Many clients seek treatment for traumatized scaring. These scars hold the memory of this experience and affect daily life.

At BEAUTYINK® we are able to diminish these scars, blending them with the skin, so they are no longer a focus of your day to day living.

We can treat a variety of conditions from burns, self harm scars, mole removal, disorders and many others.

We want you to feel empowered and free from your scars. This means the ability to wear a T-shirt or shorts or even a bikini without feeling the need to hide your skin from the world.

You deserve to live your best life and not hide yourself!

We want you to feel empowered and free from your scars. To some this means wearing a t shirt, or shorts or even a bikini without feeling the need to hide your skin from the world.

You deserve to live your best life and not hide yourself!

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How do I know if it's right for my scar?

All of our work is customized around the client’s skin tone.

In fact, scars are formed to protect the skin, the largest and most remarkable organ of the human body.  If part of the skin is injured, a fibrous matrix will form to protect it from further damage. While this is positive in terms of ensuring full healing, it is often negative in terms of the ultimate appearance, no matter where on the body it may be.

Clients with scars can be assured predictable and positive results from BEAUTYINK®, Vancouver’s award winning cosmetic tattoo boutique. Careful preparation, educational expertise, and comprehensive treatment plans permit Shauna to use a combination of modalities to promote the body’s healing process over time.

It is imperative that you trust a trained and experienced scar revision professional for best results. Since 2016, Shauna has trained with leaders in the field and worked extensively on compromised and scarred skin. Scars or skin irregularities CANNOT simply be corrected by tattooing skin coloured ink over the area of concern. There are many reasons for this. Only a knowledgeable technician can approach paramedical scar camouflage tattooing and offer reasonable and predictable results.

We apply a combination of paramedical tattoo techniques to treat unsightly, bothersome scars. First, scars can be treated by “breaking down” the tissue using state-of-the-art technology called medical microneedling. Often times, this is all that is required as the trauma from microneedling invokes a healing cascade where new melanocytes are formed, in tissue once absent of colour. The loss of colour at the site of the scar is often the most troublesome concern. There can be no guarantee, but melanin stimulation is possible with the right skin. Second, once the skin has flattened, multiples layers of colour are carefully added in order to blend the uncoloured void into the surrounding skin. This process takes multiple procedures over time for best results.

What is scar revision?

Scar revision is the use of microchanneling and stem cell serums to actively release and stimulate traumatized scar tissue. This is generally used before scar camouflage to flatten and soften the texture of the skin. In some cases it can also stimulate a person’s natural pigmentation. You may have also heard the term medical microneedling. This is very similar, but targets specific areas more aggressively breaking down the fibrous tissue, thereby allowing it to soften and release. This is great for burns or severe trauma.

So what is paramedical scar camouflage tattooing?

Scar camouflage is a form of paramedical tattooing, and in this case, we use skin-coloured tattoo ink. By layering multiple colours, we are able to create the illusion of a blended scar. The skin is made up of multiple colours with undertones, midtones, and overtones. With our custom layering techniques, we implant colour that is missing.

How soon can you get scar camouflage tattooing?

Generally, we recommend one full year of healing from the time of injury. Due to the trauma, the skin tissue can be damaged if it is worked on too soon. The scar must be lighter than your skin tone, and no longer have any pink, red or purple colouring.

How long does the procedure take?

We require a 30 minute complimentary in-person consultation to assess your skin and set out a treatment plan. If you are a good candidate, we will schedule you in for a 2-3 hour session. Shauna insists on taking whatever time is needed to ensure you are completely at ease and fully understand the process.

We will see you back for a 6 week check up to assess your healed results and see what steps are required to move forward.

How many sessions will I need?

Shauna has worked miracles in one session for light scarring. Generally, traumatic scarring requires between 2-4 sessions. Once healed, we can proceed with pigmentation to achieve the desired results. This includes 1-4 sessions for layering the colours and detailing work.

My scar is darker than my skin colour. Can this be tattooed?

Generally, when the scar is darker, this is due to hyper-pigmentation which is the over production of melanocytes, the cells that pigment your skin.

The tattooing process causes micro-injuries that will stimulate this production, further causing the area to darken. When light pigment is added to a dark scar, it will result in a chalky, milky look that will translate Ito muddy and gray.

We know people are doing this, but it doesn’t mean it’s correct or ethical! This industry is unregulated and there is no governing body looking out for the well being of the public. It solely comes down to the artist’s skill and training. This is why we hold our CPCP (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) credentials in such high regard. The SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) works by a Code of Ethics, and requires advanced training and testing for all CPCP holders. Shauna is currently only 1 of 5 who holds this designation in Canada.


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Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend Beauty Inc and Shauna. Her studio was scrupulously clean and her Covid protocols were at the very highest level. She took the time to listen to me and gave advice as an experienced beauty expert and technician to finesse my brows. I lost 90% of my eyebrows during menopause which I hated. Now I love my new eyebrows."

Barb Bancroft

"I had such an amazing experience with Shauna at Beauty Ink! I have wanted to get my eyebrows done for several years, but the thought of trusting someone to permanently apply something to a prominent area of my face had me gun shy. I recently decided it was time to take a chance, and I am ecstatic over the results. Shauna provided me with a pain free, comfortable experience, and the quality of her work so exceeded my expectations! She is truly a talented artist, and today I received a thank you card from her in the mail?!!! This wasn’t just a great customer experience, I am blown away by how great I now feel when I look in the mirror, and the great lengths Shauna went to in making me feel like a valued customer!

Celine Clements

"I was so impressed with Shauna’s professionalism and experience. This was only my first session, and I’m so happy with the results so far. It is so evident that she loves her job and genuinely wants to help people. I highly recommend BEAUTYINK®

Kristin Visscher

"If you have any hesitancy about permanent make-up or are in need of a miracle worker to help with botched work, a consultation with Shauna at BEAUTYINK® is an absolute must! Shauna is a gifted artist who refuses to settle for anything less than perfection, and who will use her renowned expertise to ensure you achieve the exact look you desire.

I came to Shauna devastated by the significantly uneven eyebrows and visible scarring left by the tattoo 'artist' I had previously used. She took the time to show me how to camouflage the colour and scarring and lightly pencil/powder over top. Shauna then suggested a course of action involving laser and saline removal to help undo the existing damage before starting in on microblading new brows. Today was my last touch up session, and I literally cried with joy when I saw the final results.

Shauna, I simply can not thank you enough!

Sandra Goold

"Had a great experience, great quality service. Shauna did an amazing job, she was very kind and welcoming. The whole thing was perfect."


Tatiana Turner

"Superior experience. Shauna is the consumate professional. Her work and knowledge is unparalleled. Her safety protocols are very impressive. Highly, highly recommended."


Andrea Belsheim

"I was so grateful for Shauna, who calmly talked me through my panic during the healing process after I had my brows done elsewhere. She is such a pro who has been doing this so long, she knew exactly what I needed. She is clearly the best in the business!"

Tara MacLean Music

"Shauna is a pro, has excellent skills, good judgement, and is ethical to the point of insanity! She also has a big heart and a warm personality. I strongly recommend her for any cosmetic tattoo work. Her shop is clean, her practices are hygienic, and I have never had any complaints about her work (I have been going to her for years). I just did a refresh and it was painless and perfect, as usual."

Susan Tees

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Paramedical Scar Camouflage Tattooing

                                           Benefits of Scar Camouflage


Scar camouflage, also known as scar cover-up, paramedical or scar revision, refers to the process of concealing or minimizing the appearance of scars through various techniques such as tattooing, makeup application, or medical procedures. Here are some potential benefits of scar camouflage:

  1. Improved appearance: Scar camouflage can help minimize the visibility of scars, making them less noticeable or blending them with the surrounding skin. This can enhance an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem, especially if they are self-conscious about their scars.

  2. Psychological well-being: Scars, particularly those resulting from traumatic events or surgeries, can be a source of emotional distress for some individuals. Scar camouflage can contribute to improved psychological well-being by allowing people to feel more comfortable and accepting of their bodies.

  3. Enhanced social interactions: For individuals who feel self-conscious about their scars, scar camouflage can provide them with the confidence to engage in social situations without worrying about others’ judgments or stares. It may encourage a more positive and inclusive social experience.

  4. Restored body image: Scarring can alter a person’s perception of their body, and scar camouflage aims to restore a more natural appearance. By reducing the visibility of scars, individuals may regain a sense of wholeness and feel more connected to their bodies.

  5. Non-invasive option: Scar camouflage techniques like makeup application are non-invasive and do not require surgical procedures or significant medical interventions. This makes it a relatively accessible and low-risk option for individuals seeking scar revision.

  6. Temporary or permanent solutions: Scar camouflage can be temporary, such as using makeup products that can be easily removed, or permanent, such as tattooing techniques. This allows individuals to choose an option that best suits their preferences and desired level of commitment.

  7. Versatility: Scar camouflage techniques can be applied to scars of various sizes, types, and locations. Whether it’s a small scar on the face or a larger scar on the body, scar camouflage can be customized to address individual needs and provide desired results.

It’s important to note that scar camouflage techniques and their effectiveness may vary depending on the individual, the scar’s characteristics, and the chosen method of camouflage. It’s advisable to consult with a professional, such as a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or a scar camouflage specialist, to discuss the best approach for your specific situation.

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