24 Hours With Shauna Magrath

The Daily Life of A PMU Artisan 

Spirituality is the key to success for this PMU maestro. Shauna Magrath is a reformative matriarch of our industry, putting her all into aiding those seeking a new boost of confidence. Whether it’s surgical scars, areola, or a source of insecurity, Shauna is your go-to. But, her skill and experience doesn’t stop there, a trained SFX artist before leading a new front in PMU, Shauna is a beacon to follow when it comes to permanent beauty. Get a glimpse into the daily life of one of our most uniquely talented Pro Team Ambassadors and find some inspiration for your own day-to-day. 


What time do you wake up? 

8 am – I’m much more of a night person than a morning person. 

What’s your normal breakfast? 

My normal breakfast is a smoothie full of spinach, blueberries, collagen, chia seeds, hemp hearts & green nutrients to boost my day. 

What is the first thing you reach for when you wake up? 

My glasses, my cell phone & my ear buds to do my meditation. 

What’s your morning beauty routine? 

Wash my face with water, brush my teeth and put my hair up. I’m pretty simple. All my makeup is tattooed and my lash extensions are on, so I don’t have to worry about much. 

How would you describe your daily work schedule? 

Wednesday to Saturday I have clients starting at 11 am, and 4 pm. Throughout the day I have consultations. Working with my assistant building content marketing, client care, orders etc. I usually head home around 8 pm. Then I have dinner, relax, and go to bed around midnight.  

How did you get started within the PMU world?  

I received a divine vision that directed me to use my talent to help others. I follow my heart to help guide me through most situations in my business and if it feels right, I do it. But having a makeup background was a natural progression moving forward in PMU. 

What are the most important practices during the day for you as a PMU artist? 

The most important practice for me is my morning meditation. Within my studio, safety protocols are essential before and after every client & to communicate clearly with my assistant on what we need to address and complete that day. 

Why did you decide to start your own businesses and what challenges did you face? 

I never planned to open a business, I was very happy working in film, but the vision I received was so strong I felt compelled, without a shadow of a doubt, to follow through with it and help those in need. 

Why PMU? 

I embraced Permanent Make-up because it’s a way that I can help people that are not able to apply makeup for themselves and help them feel beautiful. 

What was your worst experience as a PMU artist? 

Experiencing cases with people who have gone through tremendous trauma, such as burn victims, cancer survivors, etc. Watching others suffer has been the most difficult, but I feel blessed to be able to help them. 

What was your best experience as a PMU Artist? 

I can’t choose just one, so we’ll go with three. The first, providing confidence for my clients and watching a person’s insecurities wash away to allow them to blossom to their best potential. Second, supporting my students and watching them grow.  And lastly, seeing how the creation of the Perma Blend brand has been transformative for my business.  

How do you keep up with your clients?  

ORGANIZATION is a MUST! For my clients, calling my clients every week to check their healing process, completing a 6-week follow-up on every client, and sending them thank you cards. Keeping my clients up with the latest trends is a must & following up when I know they are due for a touch-up.  

What are some things you’d like to see more from in the PMU industry? 

I’d like to see regulations, increased safety standards, and more comradery between my fellow artists and less negative competition as we are all here to help our clients live better, happier lives.  

Tell us a little about your business and where you are located out of? 

I created BEAUTYINK® in 2008 in Vancouver, BC with a divine calling to help those suffering from physical and mental trauma. Many men and women have suffered from burns, cancer scarring, surgeries or feel insecure about their physical appearance. These individuals can come to BEAUTYINK® to feel whole and beautiful again through the procedures that I offer.  

Over the years I’ve seen the educational gaps in the industry, and it has led me to create SMP Essentials™. This course is an artist’s first step to success in Scalp Micro-pigmentation, including training on any age of a potential client. I thrive on helping and supporting my clients and my students.  

What do you like to do once you get out of work? 

I find cooking very relaxing. I also like to dance, decorate, restore furniture, and go crabbing with my friends. I like to go for a swim and recline in a sauna to help soothe my body. 

What do you normally like to eat for dinner? 

I prefer an Asian pallet; Sichuan, Thai, Vietnamese, & Chinese are all flavors that I love & cook with often. But a good steak is a nice reward after a long week.  

What are you currently listening to? 

I love buddha bar, classical acid jazz, and currently chill Jazz. I actually have a chill Jazz playlist on at the moment.  

What are the three things you can’t live without? 

I can’t live without my nails being sparkly and manicured, Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, & TRAVELING to experience diverse cultures…and of course Perma Blend Pigments. 

What’s your evening beauty routine? 

I don’t really have one as I don’t wear makeup. I always have a long bath to wash off the day’s energy. I am pretty low maintenance in the beauty department. 

What’s your bedtime? 

I usually go to sleep around midnight, but it depends if I am doing business with people overseas.  

Discover Shauna’s Favorite Perma Blend Inks 

Shauna reveals her go-to pigments to create unique hues. 

  1. Darkest Brown
  2. Forest Brown
  3. Micro Dark Brown
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