Permanent Eyeliner

The Difference You’re Looking For

Permanent eyeliner tattooing is often sought by clients who have difficulty with manual dexterity, eyesight or both, or just want the simplicity and confidence that eyeliner provides 24/7. While other clients have developed a sensitivity to traditional cosmetics, and need an effective solution.

BEAUTYINK® is Vancouver’s premiere permanent makeup gallery, helping clients who have lost eyelashes that are re-growth resistant.  Others who want their eyes to stand out beautifully without the daily task of cosmetics application, and the naturel clients who want a beauty boost but who resist makeup altogether, which is quite common in individuals who spend more time playing and enjoying the wilderness or fitness than they do in front of the mirror. There are thousands of such women and men in Vancouver, and from all over British Columbia.

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Why Should I Have Permanent Eyeliner?

Eyeliner tattoos can be made to look very similar to the look you wear every day, with some limitations. For example, permanent makeup cannot achieve a shimmer golden eye shadow. Permanent eyeliner can be applied so precisely that not a single person can see it. Often times, seeing the eyeliner is the entire point.

From enhancing your lashes, to amplifying your eyes – the windows to your soul – I offer all permanent eyeliner techniques. The clients who see me for cosmetic tattoo eyeliner in or outside of Vancouver come, because of my experience and expertise in a variety of application techniques, which I decide on one-on-one in order to support their comfort and desired effect.

Shape, style, and colour are always discussed pre treatment. Realistic expectations are important, but tremendous artistry in technique, symmetry, and shape are my specialty. I will never do a permanent eyeliner treatment if I predict that it will not be your best look in the future. I have many years of experience and understand all too well what gravity does with respect to aging, but most particularly to the area of skin above, along and beneath the eyes. I always imagine my clients’ best future self!

Your Treatment At BEAUTYINK®

Many factors must be considered, not the least of which is the longevity of your treatment, which I always aim for to protect your trust and investment. Two eyeliner tattoo treatments may be required, and colour boosts annually are always recommended.

Contrary to what many believe, permanent makeup pigments are largely non-irritating, with reactions being exceedingly rare. They are derived from natural ingredients, are vegan (mineral based), and generally contain only four ingredients, most of which are flushed away as the tattoo eyeliner treatment heals, leaving behind the simple colour and shape you’ve asked for.

While the sound of having permanent eyeliner may sound a bit frightening to some, it is actually a treatment that can be conducted rather comfortably, with no danger to your skin or your eyes, and with optimal, tattoo eyeliner results lasting many years providing you seek out and experienced, well trained artist.

From thin to thick, classic or dramatic, you can trust BEAUTYINK®️ in Vancouver to execute your permanent eyeliner tattoo safe & impeccably. For those will disorders such a Cancer or Alopecia, this procedure can be very uplifting and life changing giving back the illusion of a natural lash line.

BEAUTYINK® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008

BEAUTYINK® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008