Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP)

The Difference You’re Looking For

IIt is time to restore your confidence ? We can create the illusion of fuller thicker hair using SMP Scalp miro-pigmentation. The SMP processing required tattooing micro tiny dots into the healthy to fill in the density that life has taken away. Men or women a like suffer from Alopecia Areata commonly known as premature hair loss.

More that 50 % of men will suffer from this condition after the age of 30 and 40% of women after the age of 40.

The struggle is real, and most turn to serums, flocking, sprays or powders to help mask the condition. SMP is quickly becoming the go to in the hair loss industry because it’s cost effective and you see instant results that last for years. 

Shauna Magrath CPCP has been researching this condition since 2010 and is a well known international speaker and educator in the field since 2013 long before it was widely known. Her passion, drive, and sharing her knowledge comes from wanting to restore confidence in those she serves knowing the positive impact it has on her clients and those they love.

The effects can be sublet or more dramatic depending on the clients desire and what will look most natural. For women density is generally the issue, so by adding follicle impressions to the scalp, will allow the hair to look fuller without the use of additional products.  Your life will no longer be limited and you can go enjoy those water sports and vacations once again.

Fell free to give us a call as consultation are of no charge, so there’s nothing to loose and only yourself to gain.

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Beauty Ink® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008

Beauty Ink® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008