Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP)

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Hair loss has been distressing individuals for millennia; there have been dozens of men and women’s hair loss remedies developed over thousands of years. In recent decades, dozens of promising practices have emerged, but it should come as no surprise that cost and risk have been associated with many of them. From hair transplants and medications to PRP, dubious serums and water affected coloured sprays, hundreds of thousands of people have made considerable investments to remedy their hair loss, often times with questionable, very poor, or even tragic results such as heavy scarring – compounding an already traumatic situation.

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, falls under the umbrella of a paramedical tattoo and may address male or female pattern baldness, full or partial baldness, thinning, or alopecia hair loss. This practice of hair simulation is safe and comparatively much more affordable compared to other hair loss remedies.

Nothing rivals experience or dramatic improvement in self-esteem, made possible by exceptional healed results that drastically reduce or eliminate the appearance of full balding, or developing baldness.

For clients seeking to minimize the appearance of the thinning hair on their scalp, the outcome makes the scalp skin almost disappear, giving the illusion of hair blending naturally and undetectably with the existing natural hair.

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Choose BEAUTYINK® For Your SMP Treatment

At BEAUTYINK®, Vancouver’s premiere permanent makeup gallery, you will find the level of expertise second to none. I have been researching this disorder for years and speak internationally on the subject to help educate other artist from around the world.

I have been developing scalp pigmentation since 2012 with my Manual SMP technique and consulting with artist and mentoring those who have questions on this incredible field. During your free consultation, I will address all of your concerns and questions you may have, so you know if this is the best choice for you.

Specialized pigments are used, in the perfect colour for you. The scalp area is mapped and treated in order to restore the hairline you had before hair loss. With both thinning hair or full/partial scalp balding, I use state-of-the-art equipment and products to carefully recreate the hair follicle, one follicle at a time on the scalp. What may appear to be a random pattern may actually be very methodical and carefully planned in order to achieve realism. The appearance for full baldness is one of a shaved scalp, made popular by many high profile celebrities or we can fill in to give more density to your existing hair.

Scalp micro pigmentation has the dual benefit of not only helping to address the scarring that may have developed following previous unsuccessful treatments; it also conceals that scarring. Once the treatment has healed, it requires simple maintenance such as refreshing, SPF 30 and basic precautions for all skin in the elements.

Multiple treatments may be required, with touch-ups within 2 to 10 weeks thereafter and, ideally, ongoing sessions to keep your SMP treatment looking perfect, fresh, and natural.

I am not just Vancouver’s permanent makeup specialist, but an internationally-recognized cosmetic tattoo expert. My background in makeup artistry combined with my thorough understanding and experience working with the skin of the scalp – an area remarkably distinct from other skin on the body – led me to develop my Manual SMP technique. I have had the great pleasure to be asked to teach my technique internationally, as long-term healed results proved the efficacy of my approach.

Miraculous things can be achieved with the art of permanent makeup and paramedical tattoo. It is a niche area of the industry I am extremely proud to be a member of, and expert in. Please give me a call and let me show you what I can do.

BEAUTYINK® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008

BEAUTYINK® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008