Medical Tattooing with Paramedical & Scar Camouflage

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Many clients seek treatment for what can be a traumatizing feeling day to day: scars. There are many topical remedies that promise almost “too good to be true” results, and they are exactly that. No scar or other bothersome skin anomaly will respond much to anything topically applied, or can be corrected at all.

In fact, scars are formed to protect the skin, the largest and most remarkable organ of the human body.  If part of the skin is injured, a fibrous matrix will form to protect it from further damage. While this is positive in terms of ensuring full healing, it is often negative in terms of the ultimate appearance, no matter where on the body it may be.

Clients with scars can be assured predictable and positive results from BEAUTYINK®, Vancouver’s scar revision studio. Careful planning, expertise, and treatment permits me to use a combination of treatment modalities to promote your own body’s healing process in order to jump start scar improvement.

In my studio, I apply a combination of paramedical tattoo techniques to treat unsightly, bothersome scars. Firstly, scars can be treated by “breaking down” the tissue using state-of-the-art technology and careful paramedical tattoo techniques. Often times, this is all that is required. Once the tissue is released, a new healing cascade is evoked. With the proper after care, including some time in the sun – very little, actually – new melanocytes can form, where the tissue was once absent of colour.

The loss of colour at the site of the scar is often the most troublesome concern. There can be no guarantee, but melanin stimulation is possible in the right hands.

However, there are cases of more problematic scar tissue that doesn’t respond enough to scar revision intervention. Scar camouflage is a very delicate and careful procedure involving precision in placement and colour.

Scar camouflage is a form of paramedical tattooing, but in this case, I use skin-coloured tattoo ink. If too much is implanted, the resulting look will be just as, or more, unsightly than the original scar. If too little or the incorrect colour is selected, the same will occur.

Thereafter, a scar camouflage may be necessary and must be executed in such a way so as not to be visually perceptible, even when exposed to sun. Limitations will always apply in extreme cases; however, this is the most effective method for treating scars that exists.

It is imperative that you trust a trained and experienced scar revision professional. Since 2016, I have trained with leaders in the field and worked extensively on compromised and scarred skin. Scars or skin irregularities CANNOT simply be corrected simply by tattooing skin coloured ink over the area of concern. There are many reasons for this. Only a knowledgeable technician can approach scar revision and offer reasonable and predictable results.

Paramedical tattoo remains a very exclusive and advanced area of permanent makeup, and scar camouflage is a highly specialized area. At BEAUTYINK®, Vancouver’s premiere permanent makeup studio, I offer a successful scar revision intervention and camouflage treatments that only a handful of artists in Canada are able to do.

BEAUTYINK® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008

BEAUTYINK® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008