Pre & Post Care

Essential for the best possible results

All BEAUTYINK® cosmetic procedures may require multiple applications, and therefore more than one visit is realistic.

A follow up is scheduled 6 weeks after your initial appointment so Shauna can assess your results.

If a touch up is required it is booked at this time.  All touch ups are an additional $150 (set up fee) within the first year of your original service.

For general maintenance, Shauna recommends colour refreshing every 1-3 years @ $350.

After 3 years pricing increases by $150 per year missed as more work will be required.


 Please read the below carefully so you understand your responsibilities as a client.

Due to Covid-19 if you are experiencing any symptoms, no matter how slight, please call so we can reschedule your appointment.

Cancellation fee will be waived


1. WE WILL NOT WORK ON YOU IF YOU are under 19 without consent, ARE EXPERIENCING FLU SYMPTOMS, PREGNANT or NURSING.  If you have a condition such as CANCER, DIABETES, MS, Hepatitis or any immune weakening disorders, WE REQUIRE A NOTE FROM YOUR DR, that you are in good health to have the procedure done. WE WORK SAFE and your SAFETY MATTERS.

2. Do Not Work out the day of your procedure. It will increase the bodies adrenaline and this limits the effectiveness of the anesthetic we use for your comfort. Please don’t rush to get to your appointment either, this will give a surge of adrenaline causing discomfort during your procedure.

3. DO NOT DRINK Caffeinated beverages or work out at least three hours BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT – it will increase any anxiety and we want you to be as relaxed as possible.  PLEASE COME WITH A FULL STOMACH so your metabolism will run slow and not process the anesthetic so quickly, also refrain from drinking alcohol 2 days before or you will bruise and bleed with poor results. Do Not DRINK ALCOHOL 2 days before / night before or take blood thinners, IE ADVIL, ALIEVE, Neproxin, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Midol, etc.  These are all blood thinners and will cause bleeding resulting in bruising and poor colour retention.

4. For as safe as certified cosmetic tattooing is, we expect you have done your homework and are aware of the possible risks associated with the procedure as: allergic reaction 2% of the population, change of colour due to blood chemistry or medications, infection, scarring, keloids, corneal abrasions, inconsistent spreading or fanning of colour.  We do everything in our power to reduce every possible risk, but some cases are beyond our control and the aftercare is the clients responsibility and does affect the final results. As with any medical procedure risks can occur and we expect you have make a conscious decision and are aware of these risks. We have an outstanding track record due to our extensive training and we always put your safety first! We however cannot control how your skin or body will respond, as every person is unique so results will vary for client to client.

5. When you arrive for your appointment ( Plan to be here 3 hours on the first visit – 2.5 on the follow up), please wear your makeup the way you normally would, so we can use your colors and methods for reference to determine the best look for you. Please note, we value your opinion as you know your face better than anyone, so you have as much say in your creation and we want you to be involved. It’s about making you look better not different. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and giving you what you request but if we feel it may not age well, we will certainly let you know as we want you to love your BEAUTYINK® for years to come.

parking application

6. At BEAUTYINK®, we have a great respect for punctuality. Every effort is made to make sure your appointment is met promptly and that you are not left waiting for long periods of time. We can do this because our clients respect that same punctuality. Please be on time for your appointment so that we can extend this courtesy to everyone.  Coming early will not benefit you as we work back to back with our clients, so please just come at your scheduled time. FOR PARKING You will need $6 in coins for the meter first which will cover the first 2 hours, then take the number on the stall and your plate number and bring it in. If you have the app, please only add 115 minutes. Set your timer and when it expires, we will add more time.                                                                                         PLEASE DOWNLOAD the PAY by PHONE app at

7. Give yourself some time after the appointment to recover.  While permanent cosmetic procedures are not overly stressful to the body, there may be some swelling or redness around the area.  We recommend taking it easy for the rest of the day after your procedure is complete. It is a good guideline to clear your calendar for the remainder of the evening, that especially means working out or Bedroom activities as sweat will push out the pigment for (14 days average heal time)! That mean NO HOPPING ON A PLANE the next day or TRAVEL UNTIL THE WORK HAS HEALED (minimum 14 days)! Being in an uncontrolled environment could lead to possible infection.

8. Do not be alarmed if your colour is more intense, sharp, and brighter than you imagined at first. As the outer layer of skin exfoliates, the colour will mellow. The amount of time this takes varies from person to person. We do generally work from light to dark over a maximum of three treatments, so more often than not people won’t know you have had a procedure done unless you tell them. The general time for most to heal is 14 days, but it is possible due to your immune system to take up to a month to fully heal. Don’t stress, you’ll be looking better than ever even during this time.

9. We recommend letting your brow hair grow in as much as possible, so we have more to work with in creating your new look. We do not shave your brow hair off!  Any tweezing or waxing should be done at least a week prior to the procedure; electrolysis no less than 14 days before. Do not resume any method of hair removal for at least 2 weeks after your work has healed. This also pertains to beauty treatments like getting your hair done or a body massage. Your work must be healed before you resume normal activity.

10. IMPORTANT ** If you use RETINAL, AHA, VITAMIN C SERUM, LASH/BROW GROWTH SERUMS or are taking any OIL SUPPLEMENTS ( Q10, FLAX, FISH, PRIMROSE, KRILL, OMEGA, COD LIVER, ETC )  or Vitamin E or D OR CLEANSE WITH BABY OIL or use ANY OIL PRODUCTS ON YOUR SKIN (check the ingredient list) please STOP at least 6 WEEKS before your appointment. These items thin your blood and oil creates a barrier in the skin so the pigments won’t absorb causing poor retention, bleeding and excessive trauma that will compromise your results. You can resume two weeks after the liner is healed for serums and oils. It will cause extra tenderness, bruising and bleeding during your procedure as these products enhance your blood flow to the eye area. Any eyelash or eyebrow tinting or eyelash curling should be done at least 7 days before, or 4 weeks after the procedure. To help reduce swelling feel free to take Benadryl and hour before your procedure. It will suppress the histamines that cause swelling and make for a more comfortable recovery. Plan any spa or hair services after your new work has healed so you have the best healing results. Water and rubbing will damage your healing.

11. Do not wear contact lenses during or after following the eyeliner procedure and you will be required to wear your glasses through the healing process up to 2 weeks. Remember to bring your glasses and sunglasses to your appointment. You may resume wearing your contact lenses as soon as your eyes have healed completely. * If you on RESTASIS you must be off it for a minimum of 6 weeks before and two weeks after the eye procedure. It will affect your procedure and healing, plus may cause complications due to vascular structure of the eyelid.

12. Do not wear Lash Extensions to your eyeliner appointmentsthey must be removed prior to your visit a week before. You can reapply them 4 weeks after your healing has commenced. Following the eyeliner procedures, as a safety precaution, we recommend that you have someone available to accompany you or drive you home. It’s not mandatory as you will have clear vision but we want you to take every precaution possible for your safety.

13. Refrain from the use of Alcohol, Advil, Alieve, Neproxin, ibuprofen aspirin, aspirin-containing medications, or other pain / blood-thinning medications for 2 days before any procedure, it will cause bleeding and bruising. Refrain from judgment-altering drugs for at least 24 hours prior to any procedure. No medication should ever be discontinued without first consulting your physician. You can resume your routine right after the procedure, so bring your meds with you. TYLENOL is OK.

14. Make sure you eat before you show up for your procedure. Most appointments take a couple of hours, and you may experience light-headedness or dizziness if you have not eaten beforehand, as well as the effectiveness to the anesthetic can be compromised and we want you to be a comfortable as possible!

15. DO Not Work out the day of your procedureIt will increase the bodies adrenaline and this limit the effectiveness of the anesthetic.  DO NOT DRINK caffeinated beverages at least three hours BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT- it will increase any anxiety and cause you to not freeze and we would like you to be as relaxed as possible.

16. Please do not be in a rush while you are here. These are all very delicate procedures requiring a steady hand and relaxed demeanor. If you are in a rush, or cause the artist to be in a rush, you will most likely be disappointed with your results. This is your face and the results of the procedure will be with you for years. Show your face the respect it deserves. Take your time and plan to be here for up to three hours and plug the car meter for 2 hours with coins. We recommend download the pay by phone app for easier parking. There is a parkade on West 7th in the Seymour Medical Building. We want your time here to be relaxing and as calm as possible.

17. DO NOT Have ANY facial treatments prior to your appointment for one month this includes: FACIALS, TINTING, DEM-ABRASION, BOTOX, LASER, FILLERS, CHEMICAL PEELS, IPL, Cool Sculpting or any COSMETIC SURGERIES ETC for 4-6 weeks prior to or after your appointment with us). This may result in unnecessary complications for both procedures.  REFRAIN for ALL SALON and SPA services including massage until the work is completely healed (MIN 3 WEEKS AFTER).

18. You should be FULLY HEALED from any previous medical procedures before considering cosmetic tattooing of any kind.  Your body will be vulnerable to infection that would complicate any medical procedure and we WILL NOT TAKE THE RISK!  Having cosmetic tattooing done in your recovery down time is not a wise choice. Please be safe not sorry as your health is worth more than vanity.

19. Great article to read to see if you have any of the following contradictions :


It is very important that you follow the aftercare correctly to achieve the best results possible.

Keep in mind that in many cases, some unevenness of colour is to be expected. This is the purpose of the touch-up visits. Please review the following directions and refer to them as necessary. If during your healing process you have any questions or concerns, please contact us right away. Prior to ever opening your aftercare kit WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY!!!! Do not wear make up in the new worked area until it has fully healed in. Remember with all procedures water and sweat are not your friend until your work has fully healed.


1. Apply the given aftercare after day 7 OR as recommended 1 x morning only. Dab on lightly but make sure the products is well blended with a patting motion, never wipe as this can pull out the colour. Only touch the treated areas with 30 second washes hands, as this is how long it takes to kill bacteria on your finger. This is a must as we do not want an infection and bacteria can still live if the proper KILL time is not achieved. If you happen to touch them, gently wash with an antibacterial unscented soap and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry…never ever wipe, allow to air dry completely and re-apply the aftercare.


2. For hair strokes – you will NOT be washing them for at least 10 days as it will pull out the colour and you will lose the work. They may get weepy after the procedure, roll over the area with a clean Q-tip or dab firmly with tissue as this will soak up the plasma.

3. Absolutely No Sun or Tanning after the procedure for the healing process at least 14 days this will permanently darken the work.  Do not work out for 14 days after the procedure as the body heat expands the pores causing the pigment to spread or push out. You should not sweat until the crusting layer completely fall off 14 days or so. This also applies to all beauty treatments such as SPA SERVICES, SALON, Hair Services, Massages, Facials, Lash extension application, Botox, Fillers, etc.

4. Avoid direct shower water on the treated area after the procedure, bathing is always recommended as moisture to the area will damage the work.  Apply the aftercare prior to bathing to prevent soaps and shampoos from getting on the treated area. If you must shower please make it quick and cool, without getting the Beauty Ink wet as this will compromise your results.

5. Avoid extreme exercise / intimate encounters (sweating) the day of the procedure & directly after the procedure, at least 14 days. Sweat is salt water and will fade the pigments prematurely (we use salt in the removal process).

6.  No swimming, hot tubs, saunas or steam until the area is completely healed, salt water/chlorine can cause the pigments to fade or change in color.  It is recommended to apply the petroleum gel to the treated area prior to swimming even after healed to prevent the chlorine water/salt water from penetrating the area.

7.  DO NOT RUB, SCRATCH OR PICK AT THE TREATED AREA, let any scabbing naturally exfoliate off (usually day 7-10) picking can cause scarring. The area will get itchy so tap with the back of your finger around the new brows. When they get to this itchy stage around day 5 or so and after day 7 you can apply the balm 1 x day to prevent them from drying out.  Some people may heal fast and others may heal slower so this target day will change from person to person depending on your bodies system by a day or 2 either way. This is just a general guide line, but basically once they start to flake like a sun burn, you start to add the balm and not before. If you apply the balm too soon, it will cause the work to get soft and not allowing the colour to fully heal in fully resulting in colour loss.

8. The eyebrows WILL appear bolder immediately after the procedure, this is common in all Permanent Makeup applications…it will begin to soften up after a few days and will continue to lighten throughout time. Hair strokes appear crisp and bold at first, but will soften up as the tissue heals and may blend.

9.  Plan on scheduling your touch-up with in 6 months we recommend your follow up in 6 weeks after your first procedure. It is very common to have areas fade more so than others, this is part of the healing process and will be treated at the recommended touch up appointment if they have been purchased.  Previously done eyebrows may take 1-3 treatments to achieve the desired result.  Scar tissue in the brow area of eyebrows done multiple times WILL require additional procedures and fees will apply. Only use the given aftercare (a very thin coat, if you see it, you have too much on) on the treated area for 14 days.


1. Rinse in AM with cold pads as directed. Apply after care only as recommended with your procedure 4 days after your procedure. The gel given will help to ease the tightness but use it VERY sparingly, too much too early will cause the pigment to soften and fall out if applied too soon resulting in colour loss!

2. Sleeping slightly elevated helps to alleviate swelling sometimes seen the morning after facial procedures and could follow for several days thereafter. Don’t sleep on your face as it will damage the work.

3.Use only your fingers to gently cleanse the area if recommended with water the next day.  NEVER a face cloth, Kleenex, Q-Tips or paper towel on healing work as it is abrasive and can damage the heal. Do not expose the area to dirty or unsanitary conditions. Wearing a hat and glasses outdoors is a good way to protect new eyeliner from dust, etc, that can stick to healing balm. Apply recommended healing balm sparingly you don’t want the work to get soggy or it won’t heal properly in the skin and the pigment will fall out.

 4. Keep your face out of running water.  Bathing over shower is must!  You want to keep your new Beauty Ink® as dry as possible and moistened with the healing balm.  Soaking with water will damage your new work and may cause it to fall out, as well as create possible scarring. Keep clear of Gyms and yoga studios as they are full of bacteria, viruses and fungus. You can do light workout at home etc but no sweating or it will compromise your healed results.

5. Some itching is normal. DO NOT PICK, PEEL, OR SCRATCH the treated area or your colour may heal unevenly and you risk scarring and infection?  Your new work may weep, bleed, get crusty, flake and itch, this is normal.

6 No makeup is to be applied until the crust layer has flaked of and the procedure area has completely healed. After any eyeliner procedure, use new mascara. Do not use an eyelash curler for 2 weeks and make sure you clean it with 70% alcohol or antibacterial soap. Absolutely No Sun or Tanning after the procedure for the healing process at least 14 days this will permanently darken the work.  Do not work out the day of the procedure as the body heat expands the pores. You should not heavily sweat until the crusting layer completely fall off @ 14 days. This also applies to treatments such as Hair Services, Massages, Facials, Lash extension application etc.

7. Do not expose your healing skin to direct sun, tanning beds, hot tubs (tub baths if body area treated), saunas, salt water, chlorinated pools, direct shower spray, hot water, skin creams, ointments, or lotions other than what you have been instructed to use for 2 weeks following your procedure.

8.  It is normal for your Beauty Ink to change size, colour, length, not to worry it will continue to change until it’s fully healed in…that is way we do touch-ups 6 weeks later as well as to secure the colour.



1. DON’T TOUCH. Keep the Scalp dry and clean for 3 days, no water, sweat steam or sun.

2. Don’t rub or scratch the Scalp, if it gets itchy, pat only.

3. No products or brushing the worked area for 7 days.

4. Don’t wear a hat for 7 days.

5. Enjoy your new look.

1. Use a good sunscreen daily at least 30spf – even the lips require protection. Sun exposure will fade your permanent cosmetics and may cause irritation even years later.

2. If you are planning chemical exfoliation, MRI, or other medical procedure, please inform your physician of your cosmetic tattoo our pigments are MRI safe.

3. Before you donate blood, it is a Red Cross policy that you must wait at least one year after any tattooing procedure to give blood.

Yes I have read and understand the pre and post care required by BEAUTYINK®. 

Failure to follow these instructions could compromised the healed results.

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