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A long time ago, permanent makeup for eyebrows yielded a very different defined, and harsh look that often healed to an undesirable colour. Today, due to advances in artist education, pigment quality, equipment and technique innovations.  Clients are now achieving a natural healed look that has the advantage of taking years off your appearance, while completing your look with stunning brows that are natural looking and perfectly shaped to complement your best features with simplicity and ease.

Permanent makeup for eyebrows, or eyebrow tattoos, micro-pigmentation encompass all other treatments outside of microblading.  While microblading is still considered permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos for the eyebrow, it has come to be known as a distinct and separate practice from other techniques used since its explosion and popularity. In fact, microblading treatments were the original eyebrow permanent makeup techniques used over 40 years ago and still remain wildly popular.

Evolution in practice have turned treatments like powder ombre brows, ombre brows, nano brows, and hybrid brows into exquisitely beautiful procedures that have a dual benefit over microblading, in some cases.

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Feather Brows, Embroidery brows, 3D Brows, Brow Etching are the most popular in today’s world. It would be difficult to differentiate between this and the hair stroke technique at a glance. This type of brow result in VERY FINE AND NATURAL looking hairs. This technique is performed using a manual tool (not machine). The simulated hairs are not “mirror imaged” from one brow to another, they flow with your natural hairs that are growing in the area. This is the most natural look and can last up to 3 year, depending on your lifestyle and personal metabolism. Refreshing is recommended annually and one session will only last about 12 months so a follow up is recommend to keep a longer looking effect.


This brow is created by using the same type of equipment as a powder brow or solid fill brow just using a single needle type. Once your shape has been drawn, each hair stroke is individually implanted with pigment to give the appearance stroked “hairs”. The simulated hairs are not “mirror imaged” from one brow to another, they flow with your natural hairs that are growing in your brow area lasting up to 1-3 years. This is great for those wanting a stronger natural look. Refresh recommended about 2-3 years.


Powder fill brow is a soft structured looking brow mimicking the use of eye shadow or a smudged look. The brow shape is created and then filled in solid with a diluted pigment, which will soften as it heals in. Great for those wanting a defined “make up look”. Refresh recommended in about 3 years


Just as it says, this is the old school technique that is dense in colour with a structured shape. If you’re looking for bold this is for you. Not commonly requested theses days and lasts the longest up to 5-10 years. Refreshing recommended 1-3 years.

BEAUTYINK® Will Help You Enhance Your Brows

I am trained in and experienced with all of these techniques. After a thorough consultation, I select the brow tattoo technique based on what is best for you.

The results are the same: flawless, waterproof, natural or dramatic depending on your preference, and long lasting. Some say that permanent makeup eyebrows are the most affordable facelift you can buy – they aren’t wrong. Restoring your brows, designing them so your eyes dazzle, and shaping them so that any signs of gravity taking hold are addressed, yield a remarkable optical illusion, leading to a younger looking, and more vibrant gorgeous you!

Firstly, shaded brows, which come under the umbrella of powder and ombre brows, are often a better selection for clients whose skin types (oily) may not be best suited for microblading. Secondly, they last longer, often double or triple the time compared to microblading.

Nano and hybrid brows involve the creation of individual brow hairs using a precise cosmetic tattoo technique with a machine. The advantage again is longer lasting, though often the same limitations that make microblading unsuitable for some clients apply with tattoo machine-applied nano brows and hybrid brows.

Clients are kept comfortable with high quality topical anesthetics. At BEAUTYINK® in Vancouver, I perform these treatments in a private space with state-of-the-art tattoo equipment and top of the line manual tools. My intensive award-winning film background in professional makeup & FX has given the me a unique skill set with intuition that allows me to visualize and reproduce the perfect look for your facial features, colour, bone structure and contours.

As with all eyebrow tattoo treatments, a subsequent session may be required.  Occasionally, I see a client a third time to ensure the best results. Think of it like applying nail polish…the more layers applied,  the more intense the colour will become.

Aside from your final look, other factors that make eyebrow tattoos a sensible and affordable solution are rapidly growing sensitivities to cosmetics which contain highly questionable and often damaging ingredients. Additionally, failing eyesight and manual dexterity make applying your best look each and every day a time-consuming process and for some with disorders / disabilities can become nearly impossible to achieve.

My microblading and brow tattoo products meet the highest quality international sterile standards. Reactions to the pigments are exceedingly rare, both in my practice, and in the industry in general. Should you have any concerns, please see me for a pre patch test, so we can determine if you will be sensitive. Please note that there is nothing in these pigments that isn’t in your body already, as they are derived from high quality organic oxides that are purified safe for the skin use.

There is no greater boost to your self confidence – no matter your age, and looking your best every day is the greatest reward. Through cosmetic tattoos for your brows, on your consultation I’ll show you how I can make this happen and turn back the clock of time. Our clients are so happy at how BEAUTYINK® liberates their lives and give them a found sense freedom in all they do every day!

BEAUTYINK® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008

BEAUTYINK® Have Been Changing Lives Since 2008