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Feeling incomplete can be emotional and traumatizing. The experience of a breast cancer survivor is a long and difficult one; every patient has a different experience.

 3D Areola Tattoo for Breast Cancer survivor located in Vancouver, BC

As a Vancouver-based cosmetic tattoo artist who specializes in 3D areola restoration as well as other forms of paramedical tattoos, I am able to assist clients in the completion of a journey in nipple restoration.

Once the nipple/areola is removed in a mastectomy, it cannot be reattached. If it is removed in plastic surgery, even if it is not entirely elective such as with a breast reduction, while the nipple can be re-attached, it is often

misshapen, lighter than it was previously, or has scarring that changes the appearance.In other situations, someone may want to undergo areola tattooing to enhance or enlarge an areola they aren’t pleased with.

3D Areola Restorative Tattooing for a breast cancer survivor in Vancouver, BC. Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer survivor, PMU, PMU Beauty

Whether from a minor treatment like a lumpectomy, a cosmetic procedure, or ultimately the loss of one or both breasts from mastectomy, I can produce a hyper-realistic, three-dimensional areola using tattooing to restore all or part of what has been lost.


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Expertise is Key

Areola tattoos on thin and/or compromised skin post-augmentation is a highly delicate treatment and advanced art. It is critical that it not be done by someone who does not have in-depth knowledge of, and experience with, working on compromised, scarred, and/or radiated skin. Additionally, clients may be more prone to infection, sensitivities, or post surgery/treatment conditions, and this must be carefully mitigated in planning the procedure. Areola cosmetic tattooing demands the expertise of a highly trained and experienced professional.

At my gallery, BEAUTYINK®, in Vancouver, I am able to treat any of the aforementioned situations with skill, precision, and exceptional artistry. The result is imperceptible from a real areola.

I have a wrap-around care approach and have successfully treated and continue to support many of my clients in their breast cancer recovery journey. Every single one of my clients receives personalized care and planning for their areola restoration, with post-treatment support that is second to none in the Vancouver area.

Each areola tattoo treatment involves up to two sessions, with the possibility of additional sessions.

Please refer to the information on scar revision on my website for more information on how I combine modalities to yield optimal healed results.

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