Bro-Ink For Men


Bro-Ink for Men: Because you wanna look your best and have a little pampering too…. we offer services that cater just to Men. From custom semi-permanent brow tinting or shaping to facial grooming and cosmetics to Bro-Ink enhancements or hair simulation, Beauty Ink® offers custom creations for the manly man. As with all our Beauty Ink® services, you receive one-on-one exclusivity with our undivided attention to detail in the hands of a certified professional. Our services are unique because we don’t change who you are we just give you a natural enhancement to make you look and feel better! You will see instantly a brighter, better more youthful looking you for years to come.

Here are a few before and after Bro-Ink services so you can see the natural difference for yourself.


Bro-Ink SCALP - Scalp services start at $200 per hour. (Hair simulation on large areas will be more up to 20 hours for a full head over multiple sessions), as every micro dot has to be carefully implanted over multiple sessions, depending on the amount of area covered and yes we use the best anesthetic as your comfort is our main priority.)

Bro-Ink BROWS - Cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows $400 per visit per procedure (last up to 1-3 years)

Bro-Ink GUY LINER – Cosmetic tattooing for top or bottom lash enhancement $350 per visit (last up to 1-3 years)

Bro-TINTING – Temporary colour for brows or lashes $30 each (custom blended semi-permanent tinting lasting up to 6 weeks)

Consultations - are always free and we are happy to answer any of your questions by phone @ 604 639 3609


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